A series of five one-week workshops took place from 2011 - 2013 at The Frankfurt Lab.

Each workshop included practical sessions, lectures and discussions on topics including score creation and use, documentation/ notation, reconstruction/ archives, interdisciplinary perspectives and hands-on tool use. Their aim was to provide an opportunity for professionals and advanced students to engage in practical research related to the creation of the on-line digital scores. Internationally recognised practitioners were invited to teach and facilitate during each workshop. All disciplines were welcome.

for motion bank. this series of bi-annual workshops was an opportunity to share its research process

"... with a wider international audience and to increase awareness of other artists (choreographers, architects, musicians, media artists) and researchers who are themselves developing scores, notational systems, and new digital approaches to writing and documentation. The focus of the workshops was practical and the idea of scores featured strongly – even if as something to be critical toward – and the invited artists were supported to test out novel combinations of ideas and/ or to work with new partners."

(from Motion Bank: Starting Points & Aspirations. (2013) Eds. Célestine Hennermann & Scott deLahunta . Frankfurt am Main: Motion Bank/The Forsythe Company. 84)

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Workshop No.1, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Workshop No.2, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Workshop No.3, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Workshop No.4, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
J. Burrows & workshop participants, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Setup, Photo: Jessica Schäfer