Motion Bank

positions its work on digital dance scores

within a growing community of practice supporting artist-led initiatives to bring choreographic ideas and processes into newly productive exchanges with a diverse audience.

Materialising out of questions the artists are asking and often developed in collaboration with others, the result is an emerging collection of choreographic resources/ publications making use of text, moving image and more open-ended digital tools and platforms.

See the Knowledge Base for a list of some of these projects and related material.

Once published

these resources (books, films, book/ dvd combinations, websites, interactive installations, etc)

are available for further study and application. They invigorate the art form of dance, contribute to its preservation, stimulate dance education, participate in shifts in disciplinary knowledge, align with the emergence of digital culture and offer audiences new forms of access to dance.

Motion Bank has an Education Workgroup set up under Research to study and apply both existing materials as well as the new on-line digital scores.

Additionally, under Research Motion Bank has an Interdisciplinary Workgroup with the goal of exploring new forms of collaborative research into dance, which in certain cases engages with these emerging resources as boundary or study objects.

Creative Coding

& dance

Creative Coding refers to the growing community of digital artists who use the language of code as their medium. Creative coding practice forms an essential part of the collaborative development of the on-line digital scores with guest choreographers for Motion Bank, and digital artists making their own choreographic work informed by Motion Bank research became an emerging new goal of the project.

The NODE Workshop and Choreographic Coding Lab embraced this development.

NODE Motion Bank Lab at BASIS Studios. Photo: J. Schäfer
Dance Engaging Science Workshop Nr. 2. Photo: J. Schäfer
Piecemaker Workshop September 2013. Photo: J. Schäfer
International Education Workgroup meeting. Photo: J. Schäfer
Choreographic Coding Lab @ LOL 2013. Photo: J. Schäfer