Dance Engaging Science

The Dance Engaging Science

Interdisciplinary Research

The goal of Dance Engaging Science has been to: (1) survey the current state of the field of interdisciplinary dance-science research; and (2) lay the foundations for future interdisciplinary research in which dance itself plays a greater constitutive role.

The following workgroup of ten senior researchers, associate researchers, regular and special guests were invited to participate in a series of meetings. Many had already participated in collaborative research into dance from their own specialist areas.

Three meetings were organised in May 2011, February 2012 and September 2012. Following this the group embarked on a number of pilot collaborative research projects.

In the Documentation pages (click on the three dates above or go to Documentation and scroll down) are brief reports on these meetings and the pilot research projects. Or follow the links on the right to go directly to the reports.



  • Guido Orgs. Researcher/ Lecturer Psychology. Brunel University
  • Freya Vass-Rhee. Dramaturg with The Forsythe Company
  • Elizabeth Waterhouse. Independent Performer. Formerly with The Forsythe Company
  • Riley Watts. Performer with The Forsythe Company


  • Sandra Parker. Melbourne based choreographer (Australia Council for the Arts, Dance Board, Fellowship)
  • Anke Euler. Dance Writer/ Dramaturg with Steptext based in Munich (DeS Essay)
  • Letizia Gioia Monda. PHD Student working with Motion Bank


  • Kathryn Enright, Independent Dancer/ Choreographer
  • Jose Biondi. Professor, Course Leader, MA in Choreography, Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden
  • Jenny Coogan. Professor. Co-Director InnoLernenTanz, Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden
  • Kurt Koegel. (formerly) Professor, Course Leader Masters in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts


  • Martin Streit. Project Coordinator Piecemaker software for Motion Bank

Project Coordinator: Scott deLahunta. Project Leader Motion Bank

Project Administration: Marion Rossi & Julian Richter.

Project Assistant: Aline Logie.

Research Advisor: Dr. Wolf Singer. Director Department of Neurophysiology. Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Frankfurt.

The workshops and pilot research projects were supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Partners were The Berlin School of Mind and Brain – Humboldt University Berlin and the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Frankfurt.

Dance Engaging Science Workshop No.2, Photo: J.Schäfer
Dance Engaging Science Workshop No.2, Photo: J.Schäfer
Dance Engaging Science Workshop No.2, Photo: J.Schäfer
Dance Engaging Science Workshop No.2, Photo: J.Schäfer