Motion Bank

was a four-year project of The Forsythe Company providing a broad context for research into choreographic practice.

This website contains Phase One (2010-2013) documentation and results.

For Phase Two plans, click on the INFO button on the left side of this page.

The main focus was on the creation of on-line digital scores

in collaboration with guest choreographers to be made publicly available via this website.

In 2010-2013, the guest choreographers were Deborah Hay, Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion, Bebe Miller and Thomas Hauert. Teams from the Motion Bank Score Partners (see list below) worked with these artists to make their diverse choreographic approaches accessible in new ways through the digital medium.

Motion Bank Education Partners and an International Education Workgroup researched ways to integrate the new on-line digital scores and related choreographic resources produced by other artists into their academic programs.

Accompanying the Motion Bank education research was an interdisciplinary initiative titled Dance Engaging Science aiming to stimulate new forms of collaborative research involving dance practice.

Motion Bank public events offered at The Frankfurt Lab included performances and talks with the guest choreographers as well as a series of Motion Bank Workshops with internationally recognized practitioners from different fields.

A series of reports on all Motion Bank activities are available in documentation.

Talk: Delahunta, Fargion, Burrows, Forsythe, Photo: J. Schäfer
Testfilming Deborah Hay, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Testfilming Deborah Hay, Tech Group, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Score from Workshop No.4, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Workshop No. 4, Photo: Jessica Schäfer
Workshop No.4, Photo: Jessica Schäfer